$5 Banned In Philly Shirts! Posted 25 Sep 2017

Here you go, for $5 only get this Banned In Philly shirt. I've never gotten this many messages about a shirt before asking what does it mean. It actually means a lot of things. For only $5, you too can be asked what does the shirt mean.

Verified GOAT shirts! Free this week with all orders over $30! Posted 24 Sep 2017

Not sure if people are getting this joke, but I think it's funny. New nike/twitter mash shirts available in the store. Twitter won't verify you? Who cares? No one. For this week only get this shirt for free with any order of $30 or more before shipping. Just leave your size in the order notes and you shall receive. Or just pick one up for $12 by clicking on the picture.

Surprise AJJ mini album "Back in the Jazz Coffin" out today! Posted 18 Aug 2017

Happy to releasing another cassette for AJJ. They were one of the first bands I got to release something for and now Back in the Jazz Coffin is #66! 5 new songs available on cassette here, and CD from the band!

Back in the Jazz Coffin delivers honesty and appreciation as singer Sean Bonnette recounts experiences as varied as a childhood memory or spats with Border Patrol and an ex. Such scenes perfectly refract the sights and sounds that grow up to become memories. With five songs that clock in at less than ten minutes, Back in the Jazz Coffin reminds us why we fell in love with AJJ in the first place: they blow the cap off secrets with an awe-inspiring degree of candidness. Bonnette trusts listeners with his darkest moments and deepest sources of shame, shedding wisdom all the while.

1. American Body Rentals
2. Blood, Hatred, Money and Rage 2
3. Border Patrol (Yuma)
4. My Crooked Leg
5. Fuckboi

Walter Etc / Diners split 7" - First Listen via Gold Flake Paint Posted 09 May 2017

Hey everyone! Walter Etc and Diners have a split coming out this friday! Gold Flake Paint is streaming the entire thing over on their site, please check it out and share it with your friends!

Walter and Diners are also playing a record release show in Los Angeles at the Echo with Peach Kelli Pop. Day 1 of Lauren Records something like a showcase weekend.

More info and tickets to that here:

Real Life Buildings "Significant Weather" out today! Posted 21 Apr 2017

This fantastic new album from Real Life Buildings is out! Glad you can all hear it now. Here's what the kind, Gold Flake Paint had to say!

Real Life Buildings

“Significant Weather”


words by tom johnson ( GOLD FLAKE PAINT )

The weather – as an impact, as a metaphor – has always been synonymous with music, especially within the kind of brooding rock and roll music that Real Life Buildings make. While their previous work used the weather as a kind of notable reference point, here, on their wonderful new album which is streaming below, it becomes the full frame, lending this ten-song collection its title and also pertinently shaping many of its most wholesome moments, not to mention the weighty atmosphere that hangs over every inch of the new record.

Just to rewind slightly, before leaping in to the fog, Real Life Buildings is the project of NYC’s Matthew Van Asselt and “Significant Weather” doesn’t just represent the next chapter for his band but it’s also the culmination of growth, physical and formative. While debut album “It Snowed” was recorded in just four days on a porch in Maine with just Mike Ditrio accompanying, the new album, some three years down the line, finds Van Asselt surrounded by the most solid of compatriots, the band expanded to also include both Crying’s Elaiza Santos and Laetitia ‘Vagabon‘ Tamko.

For all of the credibility (for want of a better word) that both Santos’ and Tamko’s presence here adds, Significant Weather still both exists and flourishes solely on its own terms, thanks, chiefly, to Van Asselt’s gruff, seasoned voice and the detailed vision he etches out in song form. From the opening, ramshackle crash of lead-track “Cold” to the moment that “Ripple Effect” dully, subtly departs, it’s a wonderfully endearing and heartening slab of sound and sentiments, the kind of record that for all of its downbeat nature still manages to stir us, the listeners, and sustain itself, furrowed brow and all, season after season after season.

So while the weather connection is an immediate and obvious one, it should also be pointed out that this is a record that feels both suitably and wildly significant. Twitchy and unsettled throughout, it nevertheless feels like a striking leap forward for the band, the kind of warm-blooded record that will bind itself to those lucky enough to get lost within it. Van Asselt’s way-with-words is one reason for this (“Sometimes my feet get stuck, and so the weeds just grow and grow, but the garden doesn’t disappear“) but even taken as it is, as the sum of its parts (and so much more), Significant Weather feels like a resounding document of a life being lived; the slurred, scorched sounds – all tetchy billowing guitars, powerful drums, and more – that creep out through the breaks in the cloud offering one of the year’s most resounding and endearing journeys.

The full record is released this Friday but we’re very pleased to bring you a full stream of the record today – check it out below and grab a pre-order right here.

‘Significant Weather’ is released on Friday, April 21st.

Pre-order it here, via Lauren Records

Tour Dates:

04/21 – Brooklyn, NY @ House Show
04/22 – Ithaca, NY @ Cornell College
04/23 – Columbus, Oh @ Cafe Bourbon Street
04/24 – St. Louis, MO @ FOAM
04/26 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Vague Space
04/27 – Boise, ID @ The Barnyard
04/28 – Portland, OR @ The Flytrap
04/29 – Seattle, WA @ Magic Lanes
05/02 – Arcata, CA @ Outer Space (with Aye Nako)
05/03 – Oakland, CA @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
05/04 – San Francisco, CA @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall
05/05 – Los Angeles, CA @ Emerald House
05/06 – Pomona, CA @ VLHS*
05/07 – Flagstaff, AZ @ Firecreek*
05/08 – Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space*
05/09 – Santa Barbara, CA @ FUNZONE*
05/10 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Subrosa*
05/11 – Sacramento, CA @ Red Museum*
05/12 – Corvallis, OR @ Interzone
05/13 – Portland, OR @ Black Water
05/14 – Olympia, WA @ Le Voyeur

*w/ Diners


LR Record Club!! Posted 23 Mar 2017

We just released the LR Record Club! It's $100 and you will get the next 10 LPs (or 2 7"s = 1LP). The first 50 people to subscribe will also get a free lathe cut of an unreleased Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra song called "Chocolate Old Fashon" from the Cliche Definitions era b/w a brand new Peach Kelli Pop song "Mirror Mirror! These songs will only be available here, not streaming anywhere. Close out the Walter Mitty legacy with this missing piece.

I will throw in other free records along the way, and you'll also get a free shirt and enamel pin. I will also ship you every release early, so you will get them well before the street dates and get dibs on all the rarest variants. I really appreciate all the support over the years! To sign up please follow the link:

Records that are coming out that will be included if you sign up now are:
Real Life Buildings LP
Fishboy LP
Toby Foster LP
Walter Etc / Diners split 7"
Katie Ellen LP
Peach Kelli Pop LP
Walter Etc LP
Upset LP
and more to be announced!

Thanks again!

<3 Lauren Records

New Toby Foster Song "Restless, Tired, Uneasy" Stream and Pre-order! Posted 15 Mar 2017

Toby Foster has a new album coming out called "100 Ways." Take a listen to the first single, "Restless, Tired, Uneasy" and pre-order the record!!

Pre-order the LP/CD here:

Listen to REAL LIFE BUILDINGS song 'Tare' via UPROXX Posted 23 Feb 2017

Real Life Buildings has a new song up off their upcoming album "Significant Weather." Along with April/May tour dates including some with Diners. Read more and hear the song by clicking on the picture!

Listen to the first song off the new Real Life Buildings album! | Pre-Order Posted 04 Feb 2017

Real Life Building's fantastic new album "Significant Weather" is up for pre-orders! Check out the first single below.

"Real Life Buildings are fixated on climate: the way weather affects your mood, how shifts in the seasons can prove portentous or promising. The New York-based project, which is led by Matthew Van Asselt, put out its debut release, It Snowed, back in 2014, and it was filled with tracks like “Thaw” and “A Relative Place,” songs that equated melting snow or blustery winds with seismic emotional fluctuations. That songwriting tic continues on Significant Weather, Real Life Building’s excellent new album, which comes out in April.

Their lineup has grown to include Vagabon’s Lætitia Tamko and Crying’s Elaiza Santos, among others, and the new additions contribute to the band’s fuller and more vibrant sound. Lead single “Cold” starts off despondent and insular before launching into a busy mess of horns and nervous energy. Van Asselt attempts to find a middle ground between complacency and happiness: “For the last year, I’ve felt like if I could just find the right place/ If I could just get the right stuff and have the right routine/ I wouldn’t have to worry about ever feeling down,” he sings breathlessly, full well knowing that there’s no easy road to feeling OK with yourself." - Stereogum

LP / CD:

Watch: PENs+「North park」MV Posted 01 Feb 2017

New music video for PENs+ song "North Park" featured on their split 7" with Leer. Ryo from PENs+ will be coming to California in March to play 3 shows with Leer. Stay tuned and check the video out!