Algernon Cadwallader "Parrot Flies" LR75

**NOTE: 2ND PRESS IS EXPECTED TO SHIP NEAR THE END OF JANUARY 2019. All additional items within the same order will not ship until the pre-order items are released.
Images are mock-ups and may not reflect final product actual color.

Algernon Cadwallader's second full-length "Parrot Flies" re-issued on opaque orange and green/orange split color vinyl.

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1. Springing Leaks
2. Pitfall
3. Preservatives
4. Parrot Flies
5. If It Kills Me
6. Glennwood Ave.
7. Uniform
8. Sad
9. Chewed Up And Spit Out (In A Bowl)
10. Loose Cannons
11. Cruisin'

Pressing Information

LP First Press: 1,000 (400 Opaque Orange, 600 Green / Orange Translucent Split)
Second Press: 500 Translucent Yellow

CS First Edition: 100 Clear

Split Release with Asian Man Records