Algernon Cadwallader "S/T" LR76

3rd Press Opaque Red is expected to start shipping by the end of March 2019.

Images are mock-ups and may not reflect final product actual color.

A new collection of EPs, splits, b-sides, and unreleased versions, plus covers of "This Boy" by The Beatles and "No Action" by Elvis Costello.

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1. Second Rate Machines
2. Breath Wish
3. Look Down
4. Sailor Set Sail
5. Shirt
6. Serial Killer Status (Unreleased Version)
7. Katie's Conscious (Unreleased Version)
8. Spit Fountain
9. Fun
10. Foggy Mountain
11. Black Clouds
12. I Wanna Go To The Beach
13. Responsible Party
14. Simulation
15. This Boy
16. No Action

Pressing Information

LP First Press: 1,000 (300 Magenta, 300 Turquoise, 400 Turquoise / Cool Grey Split)
Second Press: 600 (Crystal Clear / Black Split)
Third Press: 400 Opaque Red

CS First Edition: 100 Grey

Split Release with Asian Man Records